Custom Home Builders In Delaware & Maryland

About Us

Excel Builders is 100% committed to building the most efficient homes possible and still maintaining exceptional quality. Excel Builders is a new division that was started to build only the most energy efficient and structurally sound homes. Stephen Doyle, the President of Excel Builders, has been in the residential and commercial building business for over 25 years.

Since the recession, homeowners have turned to “green homes” that will provide energy costs that are only a fraction of those of traditional homes. We have developed a building system for residential and commercial applications that is far superior to the standard.

Stephen was one of the very first to build with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) and has been building ICF homes for eight years now. Excel Builders stays at the forefront of the solar power, wind power, and the green home industries, which is vital to using the most efficient methods and building homes with the most value. Having mastered ICFs, the goal of Excel Builders is to build the best structures in the world and proudly say that they are both “Zero Energy” and affordable.